Councillor’s Corner- ‘I am pleased to see Havering Council giving free school meals during half term’-Paul Middleton.

Hornchurch Resident’s Association Councillor Paul Middleton today writes in the Havering Daily.

The Covid19 pandemic has caught many out, the restrictions put in place to help beat the virus have caused hardship for many. 

I was disappointed to find out some of our local MPs voted against giving our children free meals during the current break.

I am pleased to see that Havering council have gone against the grain and announced that they will be giving free school meals to the children during the half term holidays. 

As the scientists have said we are not going to beat this quickly, these free meals may also be in place for Christmas holidays as well.

It is a concern that so many families are dependent on foodbanks to help keep food on the table. 

I am amazed at the generosity of small firms like the Fat Pizza in Elm Park who have offered to supply a free pizza for lunch to the children in the borough who receive free school meals.

I am hoping the people and local firms continue to support our community. 

It warms the heart to know we have a community that cares. 

Cllr Paul Middleton 

Hornchurch Residents’ Association – part of the Havering Residents’ Association

The Havering Daily