East Area BCU Commander urges people to have a safe Christmas.

BCU Commander Det Chief Superintendent Paul Trevers is urging the east London communities to have a safe Christmas in a bid to tackle anti social behaviour during the festive period.

East Area police will be out in full force across our streets, building robust policing during the festive period to stop any escalating anti social behaviour during Christmas and New Year.

There will be high visibility foot patrols with police officers working alongside council enforcement officers to provide the public with an extra visible presence over the next two weeks.

Last week on South Street in Romford, police officers encountered a crowd that had gathered and began fighting. Vandals succeeded in climbing on the roof of a building and began hurling roof tiles at passers by and police officers.

Mr Trevers is making sure that there is a strong policing presence across particular hotspots in the area and that there is a high visible patrol in town centres to keep the public safe.

The Havering Daily