EXCLUSIVE: Sister of murdered Ricky Hayden pays her respects to Met police.

The sister of murdered Ricky Hayden has paid her respects to the Met police following the tragic loss of one of their officers last Friday.

April Hayden and her family will never stop mourning the death of Ricky who was brutally stabbed outside of his home four years ago. Now April would like to pay her respects to the Met police as a family and Sergeant Matt Ratana’s partner and family after his tragic murder last Friday.

April told the Havering Daily: “The police were with us after the death of Ricky every step of the way. They were not only with us in court but were also with us in the hospital as Ricky passed away.

“They supported us as a whole family throughout Ricky’s court case and a long while after.”

April and her family will never recover from Ricky’s death, his passing has left a huge whole in their hearts that can never be filled.

April continued: “The liaison officers didn’t speak to us as you imagine police do, they became our friends, part of our family. They laughed with us, they hugged us when we held our heads in our hands. They supported us, we could not have done it without them.

“The police did their utmost to get the perpetrators and put them away, it was the jury who let us down. We as a family know what it is like to have a family member taken away from you so brutally when you least expect it. We understand what the Met is feeling and thank them for how well they looked after us.”

April saying goodbye to her brother Ricky in 2016.

The Havering Daily