EXCLUSIVE: White paint thrown over front of vulnerable lady’s house by racist bullies.

A vulnerable lady who lives in Romford with her son, has had white paint thrown all over the front of her house in what is believed to be a racist attack by nearby bullies.

The shocking incident happened between Saturday night and early Sunday morning when wicked bullies hurled white paint all over the front of the house and drive way.

Sarah who lives on Hood Walk with her son, suffers with mental health issues and has been traumatised by this horrid attack.

She told the Havering Daily:

“I haven’t been able to sleep since this happened, both my son and myself are traumatised by this. This really is a malicious attack.

“Whoever did this to us, wants us to move out, they are trying to bully me so that I sell my house. I have been here eight years, I am born and bred here. They are trying to intimidate us.”

The racist attack has left her neighbours saddened and shocked, fortunately she has nice neighbours who have been able to support her.

Sarah continued:

“I have never experienced racism before, I know they are trying to bully me as they want me to move. I have been here eight years. They have only just arrived here.”

Local ward Councillor Dilip Patel has been working with Sarah following this nasty attack, he told the Havering Daily:

“We will not tolerate this type of behaviour here in Havering, this is truly disgusting. We are working closely with the police and I have been talking to Sarah to make sure she gets all the support she needs.”

White paint thrown all over the front of Sarah’s house.

The Havering Daily