Giant pothole bursts tyres every night in Rainham.

Residents in Rainham have voiced their concerns over a huge pothole that is four foot square and in some parts four inches deep. The crater along Upminster Road North has been the cause of many a car puncture as drivers are unaware of just how big it is due to it being filled with water disguising its actual size.

Rainham resident Charlotte, has the giant pot hole outside of her house and told the Havering Daily: “We sit there in the evening and hear tyre after tyre burst as they go passed it. The other evening there were literally two cars in a row who punctured their tyres. One even burst a front and back tyre driving over it.

“After a loud bang the other night, myself and my husband actually went out there to see what had happened and my husband saw a vehicle go by and hit the hole and he burst his tyre and the debris hit my husband on the leg. It flew up from the hole and hit him.

“We saw the cars pull into the nearby cemetery and get help to fix their tyres.”

Residents who live along Upminster Road North at the top end near Launders Lane have been voicing their concerns about this crater and the ongoing issues in the area with flooding.

Charlotte continued: “If you are coming along the lanes from Upminster there is a blind spot and drivers can’t see just how big this hole is. Its been here filled with water for the past two weeks. We have had pot holes here before and the council just fill them in so the tarmac is weak. Plus all the flooding over the recent weeks has made matters worse.

“This is a total accident waiting to happen.People need to be warned about it and approach the area slowly. It is very dangerous and if someone looses control there anything could happen.

“We have all reported it to the council as it is a real worry and we are hoping something gets done about it.”

The giant pothole along Upminster Road North.

The Havering Daily