Havering AC Report – National Athletics League, Championship London Division, Round 2 Kingston Saturday 3rd July 2021

National Athletics League, Championship London Division, Round 2 Kingston Saturday 3rd July 2021

Posn Team Name Points
1 Havering AC 287.2
2 Enfield & Haringey AC 217.6
3 Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 213.2
4 Herne Hill Harriers 207.2

Points score subject to revision

The National Athletics League squad made it two wins in two with a comfortable victory at Kingston on Saturday, despite missing several key athletes.

In the opening event, the 400m hurdles, Flic Clarke and Claire Brennan notched up the first of a dozen wins for the ladies both setting season’s bests, with Claire’s time improving her own club W40 best. Claire added runner up spots in both the pole vault and B javelin, while Flic ran legs in both relays.

Higher Competition Athlete Katy Sealy proved her worth with a hat trick of wins in the high jump, shot and javelin, and added runners up spots in the long jump and B sprint hurdles, as Chloe Williams took the honours in the hurdles A string.

Stephanie Okoro tuned up for next week’s English Schools’ championship with victory in the 400m, in only her second race at the distance, clocking the fifth fastest time ever at the distance by a club U17. Behind her, in the combined A & B race, Jade Kavanagh’s season’s best won the B string.

Ellie Watson won the B high jump and was runner up in the B long & triple jumps, and Alice Atkins recorded second places in both triple jump and hammer on her league debut. Anne-Prisca Djondo and Nina Brennan added B string wins in shot & discus, and Alice Brown was edged into second in the last round of the A discus, after placing second in the 800m, with Rebecca O’Rourke also second in the 800m B.

Under 17 Karis Thomas was runner up in both sprints on her individual National League debut, and her B string partners Esther Agnimel (100m) and Emma Ramsden (200m – PB) also placed second. Ginte Bailey (1500m) and Robyn Matson (3000m) completed the line-up.

Stephanie Okoro, Nina Brennan, Flic Clarke and Alice Brown led all the way for victory in the final event the 4x400m relay to seal another successful day.

The men’s team were short of sprinters and jumpers but still contributed eight victories and other good results. Club stalwarts Rob Warner and Jason Lendon made it a one-two in the steeplechase with Rob’s time improving his recent M40 club best, while marathon specialist James Connor made a rare track appearance with a dominant victory in the 5000m.

Alex Ford took almost 15 seconds off his 1500m best to place second, as was James Stewart in the B event, with Reece Harriott and Luke Chester both second in their 800m strings. Adam McCarthy returned from injury for third in the 400m hurdles as Karl Tucker was second in the A 110m hurdles event.

HCA Michael Shonibare was just outside his recent best in winning the A 400m and Matthew Agnimel’s PB in the B string made it full points for the pair.  HCAs Luke Williams and Graham Holder again played their part with Luke second in both the pole vault & B hurdles and third in the triple jump, and Graham second in both hammer and discus and third in the shot. Travel delays made for a late arrival for Hal Hutton and Duane Jibunoh but it didn’t stop them winning both A & B javelin events.

The final event the 4x400m relay saw the quartet of Matthew Agnimel, Reece Harriott and Michael Shonibare, joined by debutant Michael Okoro who had covered both sprints. They were always in contention and Shonibare’s anchor leg made sure of victory.

 Women A STRING Pos. Time/Dist   B STRING Pos. Time/Dist
100 Karis Thomas U17 2 12.60 100 Esther Agnimel U20 2 12.74
200 Karis Thomas U17 2 26.31 200 Emma Ramsden U20 2 26.58
400 Stephanie Okoro U17 1 57.54 400 Jade Kavanagh U20 1 58.71
800 Alice Brown U20 2 2:20.20 800 Rebecca O’Rourke U20 2 2:49.60
1500 Ginte Bailey W35 3 4:58.25 3000 Robyn Matson 2 11:40.5
100H Chloe Williams 1 14.55 100H Katy Sealy HCA 2 18.41
400H Flic Clarke 1 65.23 400H Claire Brennan W40 1 68.75
L.J. Katy Sealy HCA 2 4.85 L.J. Ellie Watson 2 3.87
H.J. Katy Sealy HCA 1 1.61 H.J. Ellie Watson 1 1.31
T.J. Alice Atkins U20 2 8.88 T.J. Ellie Watson 2 8.64
P.V. Claire Brennan W40 2 2.60        
S.P. Katy Sealy HCA 1 10.56 S.P. Anne-Prisca Djondo U20 1 9.21
D.T. Alice Brown U20 2 34.75 D.T. Nina Brennan W35 1 21.76
J.T. Katy Sealy HCA 1 32.52 J.T. Claire Brennan W40 2 19.27
H.T. Nina Brennan W35 3 18.14 H.T. Alice Atkins U20 2 16.97
4×100 Alice Atkins, Flic Clarke, Emma Ramsden, Esther Agnimel 3 51.65
4×400 Stephanie 60.6, Nina 64.5, Flic 61.9, Alice B 60.1 1 4:07.04

Non scoring: 100m: Emma Ramsden U20 12.93; 200m: Esther Agnimel U20 27.01; 400 Nina Brennan W35 65.75

 Men A STRINGS Pos Time/Dist     B STRINGS Pos. Time/Dist
100 Michael Okoro U20 4 11.8   100 =    
200 Michael Okoro U20 4 23.88   200 Reece Harriott U20 2 23.25
400 Michael Shonibare HCA 1 48.14   400 Matthew Agnimel 1 49.83
800 Reece Harriott U20 2 2:01.64   800 Luke Chester U20 2 2:06.18
1500 Alex Ford U20 2 4:08.30   1500 James Stewart 2 4:27.29
5000 James Connor M35 1 15:07.90   5000    
3000 s/c Rob Warner M40 1 10:00.5   3000 s/c Jason Lendon M45 1 10:45.3
110H Karl Tucker 2 16.93   110H Luke Williams HCA 2 20.27
400H Adam McCarthy 3 58.55   400H    
T.J. Luke Williams HCA 3 10.37   P.V. Luke Williams HCA 2 3.60
S.P. Graham Holder HCA 3 9.80   S.P.      
D.T. Graham Holder HCA 2 32.17   D.T. =    
J.T. Hal Hutton U20 1 46.56   J.T. Duane Jibunoh 1 42.58
H.T. Graham Holder HCA 2 48.93   H.T.      
4×100 =    
4×400 Matthew 51.4, Reece 50.6, Michael O 53.9, Michael S 50.5 1 3:26.24

HCA = Higher Competition Athlete

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