Mum concerned at how many days off from school her son will have after being told to stay at home for two weeks with a runny nose.

A Harold Hill mum whose son started reception this week is concerned at how many days off her son is going to have after being told he has to stay at home for two weeks or take a Covid test after having a cough and runny nose.

Peguy told the Havering Daily:

“My son started school on the Monday 14th of September and when he came back home from school on Wednesday I saw a change in him and could see that he was not well.

“The following night he started coughing and in the morning I phoned the school to tell them that my son is coughing and has a runny nose as it is flu season. Now the school have informed me that he needs to quarantine for two weeks or that he needs to take a COVID 19 test if I want him to return to school next week. He is only four years old, where do I get a Covid test for him? It’s not easy.

“My question is we all know there are normal colds and flu’s this season, so is it going to be that every time my son catches a cold he will be off school for two weeks? Is this okay parents ? And we all know that Covid is still here but what are parents supposed do during winter time when children are coughing a lot and get sick? How many days in the month will their children attend school this year?”

The Havering Daily