Protesters hit east London shopping centre intent to cause trouble.

Anti lock down and anti vaccination protestors took to the streets of London yesterday to make their voices heard. Sadly protestors attempted to storm Westfield Centre, intimidating customers and causing chaos to shoppers going about their business.

Once again it was our police force who came under fire for intervening and once again they had the unpleasant job of dealing with protestors who weren’t there to protest but to specifically cause anti social behaviour.

Most were moved on and well managed by our police, however a group remained intent to cause trouble. A small number of officers were assaulted as is always the case with these protests and its culprits whose main purpose is not to protest but to purely cause criminality.

Gold commander Chief Superintendent Roy Smith over seeing the events said:

“It was disappointing that a small minority of those involved in demonstrations sought to disrupt Londoners going about their lawful business by using violence and intimidation. This included throwing missiles at police officers.

“A small break away group entered the Westfield shopping centre. Met officers responded robustly and with professionalism to prevent great numbers from accessing the shopping centre and to swiftly remove those protestors who were inside. We work closely with security staff at the shopping centre so that it could safely remain open.

“A small number of officers were assaulted outside the shopping centre. A full investigation is underway which will include an extensive review of CCTV footage to identify anyone who committed criminal offences.”

The Havering Daily