Release creativity at The Mercury.

Not Lost’ photographic exhibition by Hannah Davis exhibits at The Mercury until 21st March at Daniel’s View Gallery on level 3. 

A private viewing of the Not Lost exhibition was held on 23rd February and was attended by local people and creatives.

Hannah’s ethos is that creativity is a muscle everyone has, but we need to exercise it to make it stronger; and she is committed to inspiring creativity by working with businesses, communities, and people alike. 

In the last ten year’s Hannah has been creating worlds that are pulled from the depths of her imagination, which are wrapped up in childhood nostalgia, wonder, and magic.

‘Not Lost’ is a self- portrait series depicting Hannah’s way of taking action, controlling her mental health, and the challenges of living with ADHD. Creating the work is a contradiction between escaping negative thoughts and focusing on them. 

The need to create is most important in a negative head-space, the ideas are often impulsive and need to be acted on in the moment, with results in using materials that Hannah already owns and reinventing them in new ways.

Hannah says: “I am a photographer that focuses on the creativity, art and not the technology. My mission is to inspire and educate creatives about the importance of their ideas; how to think bigger, step out of their comfort zones and deliver outcomes that are unique to them.”

10×8” Limited edition prints are available to purchase at


Hannah at the Mercury Mall exhibition.

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