Romford man loses job after grabbing Prof Chris Whitty for a selfie in St James park.

The Romford man who filmed himself grabbing hold of Professor Christ Whitty on Sunday, has been named as Lewis Hughes. Lewis was an estate agent but since the incident has now lost his job. The incident happened on Sunday evening as the Chief Medical officer was walking in St James park.

The video shows Hughes grabbing hold of Whitty round the neck with a friend as they attempted to take a selfie. The Romford man has since apologised for his yobbish behaviour, telling the Sun: “I am sorry for any upset I caused.”

The video of the two men jostling with Professor Whitty went viral and caused a backlash including strong criticism by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It is believed Mr Hughes lost his job after footage from the video was shown to his boss.

The incident is now being investigated by the Met Police.

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