St Albans church bell restored in memory of those who have lost their life to Covid.

Elm Park Councillors Stephanie Nunn and Barry Mugglestone attended a special service of celebration in the grounds of St Albans church, last Thursday December 17th.

The socially distanced ceremony was held at Langdale Gardens, where the Two Elm Park Councillors were asked to unveil a plaque to celebrate the restoration of the church bell in memory of those who lost their life to Covid. Prayers and scriptures were read with a time of reflection. Three ladies whose mother’s had died, lit the candles.

The occasion lasted for thirty minutes and was led by Father Maurice Gordon, the Parish Priest of St Albans church. The bells rang after the blessing was taken.

The bell had been hoisted up on December 11th after being anointed with Holy oil and water.

The Havering Daily