Take A Knife Save A Life co-ordinator helps Nightingale Angels with their Christmas Outreach event.

Robert Dean Taksal co-ordinator today writes in the Havering Daily:

A BIG well done to Bee Amelia, Alexis Levene and all at Nightingale Angels UK for organising this year’s annual Christmas Outreach event, helping the homeless and vulnerable in Barking Town Centre.

Nightingale Angel volunteers handing out essentials in Barking.

Nightingale Angels UK are a non funded group made up of volunteers who help the homeless and vulnerable. The group has helped in the community for approximately five years and despite a difficult year with many restrictions due to Covid-19, they still continue where possible to reach out to those on the street or in need. They are absolutely amazing.

Taksal co-ordinator Robert Dean working with Nightingale Angels.

How lovely it was to see lots of happy, smiley faces once hot food, clothes and sanitary items were spread out and offered to all in need at this time.

Junior from Darthfadzer Barbers has also been attending at these Outreach events offering many haircuts to those in need.

Junior from Darthfadzer Barbers giving free haircuts to those in need.

Lastly, a big thank you for welcoming TAKSAL along to be involved with this fantastic community event that is so vital for so many.

The Havering Daily