Taksal weapon sweeps key areas in Ardleigh Green following on going anti social behaviour.

A volunteer from the local charity group ‘Take A Knife Save A Life,’ visited the Ardleigh Green area to weapon sweep and go on walkabout, following the ongoing issues of anti social behaviour in the area.

Robert Dean a Taksal co-ordinator visited Ardliegh Green yesterday afternoon, he told the Havering Daily: “Following recent reports and concerns from local residents, I visited the area and checked possible locations where knives and other weapons may have been hidden.

“I covered several roads, alleyways and college fences where possible weapons could have been stashed.”

No weapons were found yesterday but the team will be helping residents in the area.

The charity have embarked on many weapon sweeps this year and are very pro active in the area, working closely with the community. Due to the current lock down restrictions they are unable to go out in teams of volunteers to patrol the streets.

Key areas searched yesterday by Taksal co-ordinator Robert Dean.

The Havering Daily