The Havering Daily makes official complaint against Elm Park councillor Sally Miller.

The Havering Daily has issued a formal complaint to Havering Council against Elm Park Councillor Sally Miller following comments she has made in a public council meeting.

At a recent Crime and Disorder committee meeting, the Elm Park councillor who chaired the meeting tells other councillors to ‘disregard what is in the Havering Daily as it is generally rubbish.’

Councillor Miller then goes on to discuss a recent incident with another councillor where the Elm Park councillor has clearly taken two separate events, a stabbing in Harrow Lodge Park and a robbery where a bladed item was used in Rainham and confused the two events, showing clear ignorance on her part.

She then goes on to say that the incident that took place at Harrow Lodge park was ‘just a scratch’.

The Havering Daily gains its information directly from the press office at New Scotland Yard and in all our stories we quote ‘a Met police spokesperson said’, as the information has come directly from them. Perhaps Councillor Miller can contact them and inform them that their information is ‘generally rubbish.’

We are now looking at taking legal proceedings against the councillor and have written a formal complaint to Havering Council.


I am writing regarding the defamatory comments made by the C&D committee Chairman, Cllr. Sally Miller during yesterday evenings meeting (05/08/2021) about the Havering Daily.

About 8.10mins into the Webcast and in response to Cllr. Burtons comments on recent knife crime articles, Cllr. Miller ask Cllr. Burton which newspaper he was referring to, followed by, “Is this the Havering Daily”. To which Cllr. Burton said “I don’t know”. Cllr. Miller went on to say. “If it’s the Havering Daily, just disregard everything they put out, because its generally a load of rubbish and it’s exaggerated”. This is clearly an unprovoked attack on the Havering Daily.

It is disappointing as the Council, the Conservatives, and Sally herself, have all contributed to the Havering Daily. Is she therefore suggesting these contributions are rubbish and exaggerated too?

When it comes to articles relating to any crime, we always use the wording provided by the MET comms team at New Scotland Yard. In all our stories we quote ‘a Met police spokesperson said’, as the information has come directly from them. Therefore, to suggest these are rubbish and exaggerated, is not only an attack on The Havering Daily, but also undermines the MET comms team and the work they do. Is Cllr. Miller suggesting MET Comms has exaggerated recent knife crime?  

I request an official apology and for the webcast be taken down immediately and for the council to investigate Cllr. Miller’s conduct during the meeting. As a Havering business/resident, I do not expect such behaviour from a councillor/committee chairman during a public meeting. Our clients and readers are in Havering and defamatory comments like these are no doubt going to have an effect on us.

I cannot believe the audacity of Cllr. Miller to make such comments in a public meeting. Cllr. Miller’s personal opinions on our content should never be made during a public meeting.

The Havering Daily