Thousands to lose their job at Queen’s hospital following mandatory vaccination programme.

Unless a government u turn on their mandatory vaccination programme, 1300 members of staff at Queen’s hospital will be sacked.

It is estimated that up to 70,000 hospital staff across the country will soon face the sack following the government’s mandatory vaccination programme. Now, with this high number, it is possible that the government will perform another of their infamous u turns and reconsider their decision.

A peaceful protest was held outside of the Romford hospital on Friday morning by staff who are furious at the mandatory vaccination scheme and will soon be losing their job. The group of protesters chanted ‘My body my choice’, comparing this programme to a dictatorship by the government.

The group consisted of admin staff, to nurses and physiotherapists and many other roles right across the hospital. With staff shortages rife across many hospitals and the ongoing pandemic issue, the last thing any hospital needs is the loss of further staff.

The clear message here was ‘it is our body, we have the right to chose.’

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