‘Utter madness’-Romford MP slams BBC for not playing words to Rule Britannia.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has slammed the BBC for playing Rule Britannia with out words, describing the tv company’s actions as “utter madness”.

The BBC it is believed was debating whether to remove the patriotic song following its links to slavery but instead has chosen to to play the tune without words for the celebrated last night of the proms.

Mr Rosindell told the Havering Daily: “Frankly this is utter madness, the BBC has gone in a crazy political correctness direction that does not represent the people.

“Britain actually led the world in the abolishment of slavery and still does today. This song represents Britain at its greatest and how we spread the rule of law, medicine and many other important achievements across the world.

“People who call for this song to be stopped are utterly despicable. They are teaching our young people to not be proud of Britain.

“Even today we lead the way in the abolishment of modern day slavery.”

Mr Rosindell finished by saying: “The BBC got it wrong. I think we need to call into question why they are called the British Broadcasting Corporation if they keep making decisions like this. The British public are losing Faith in them.”

The Havering Daily