The Havering Daily sponsors new radio for Queen’s Hospital Patients.

The Havering Daily is proud to announce our sponsorship of a new radio at the Medical Receiving Unit (MRU) ward in Queen’s Hospital. Through our partnership with Bedrock Radio, patients at the MRU ward will now have access to a wide variety of music and programming to help improve their overall hospital experience.

We understand the importance of providing entertainment and diversions for patients during their stay in the hospital. Studies have shown that listening to music can help reduce stress, anxiety, and pain for patients. It can also help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

The MRU ward at Queen’s Hospital is a specialised unit that provides initial assessment and treatment for patients with acute medical conditions. We believe that having access to music can be especially beneficial for these patients, as it can provide a sense of comfort and normalcy during their stay in the hospital. Bedrock Radio will also provide patients with access to information and resources that can help them during their recovery.

We are thrilled to be able to sponsor the radio for the patients at Queens hospital and are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community. We would like to thank Bedrock Radio for their partnership in this endeavor, as well as the staff at Queens hospital for their support and assistance.

We hope that the patients at the MRU ward will enjoy the new radio and that it will make their stay at the hospital a little more pleasant.

If you would like to sponsor a Radio contact Bedrock Radio here:

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